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My name is Fokanyuy Oliver. While I currently live with my wife and three children in the village of Shisong, I come from the nearby village of MBO’NTSENI and I am happy to share my story with you.

After my father died while I was still in Primary School, my uncles tried to help my Mother with school fees. When I left school after completing the equivalent of Grade 10, I left the village in search of employment. After doing a variety of small jobs, I was hired as a PTA teacher at a primary school. (PTA teacher means the parents of the school children, not the government, paid my salary). In time, I was fortunate to obtain employment at the local post office where I worked for fourteen years before being transferred by the government because of the financial crisis in the country.

Meanwhile, I had been visiting the village regularly to see my mother who still lives there. One of the topics often talked about during my visits was the problem of water – the problem of finding and carrying clean water. Our village is a small one – no school, church or health center, with a population estimated at 126. Young people tend to move away in search of work leaving mostly older people and children to do the daily tasks of fetching water and firewood, doing the cooking and farming.

As I write this story our oldest resident, a woman, is about 106 years old. When she heard about the possibility of pipe-borne water coming to the village she exclaimed that she hoped she would live long enough to see it! A spring catchment had been built as well as the holding tank. The able-bodied villagers, men and women, dug the trenches needed to lay the necessary pipes and prepared the areas for the standpipes. Now, thanks to the generous support of the OK Clean Water Project, the Yaa (elder woman) has the happiness of going to a standpipe daily to fetch her clean water.

Fokanyuy Oliver
Mbo’ntseni, Cameroon

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