Bridget McCarthy’s Story

I was asked by Mr. Edwin Visi, manager in the construction of water project in his village, to visit some villages that are in the process of laying their pipes for clean water. Mr. Visi’s home village, Fonkava, was a wonderful sight to see. There were probably over 50 people working when I arrived- men and women of all ages, and when school ended even the children. I watched men and women dig the trench for the pipeline, women carrying sand and rocks on their heads and traditional rulers supporting the work with their presence, sitting in their chairs to watch.

The involvement that surprised me the most, however, was the elderly women babysitting the village babies in order to relieve the mothers and fathers and enable them to work. It was beautiful to see that in the circle sat the elderly, the handicapped and babies- those unable to provide physical labour- knowing that they could still help to make the whole village part of a working team!

Observing the entire community working in solidarity to attain their clean accessible water was a beautiful sight and one that revealed the meaning of the OK Clean Water Project.

Reflection by Bridget McCarthy, recently returned from six months as a volunteer in Kumbo.

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