Decking A Storage Tank

In July, 2010, Sister Louise Finn visited Kumbo and relayed the following adventure:

Our last jaunt was to a high hill a few hours away in the “bush” where about 50 men and some young apprentices were “decking” a newly-finished storage tank. A few were mixing cement for the bucket brigade, three were spreading the cement evenly on top of the tank, five were digging a trench for the pipeline with pick-axes and shovels – back-breaking labor! About a dozen women and children were also at the site, watching quietly with radiant faces, knowing that they’ll soon have a supply of clean spring water nearby, instead of having to trek eleven miles down to a stream for their water. We also drove a few miles and climbed down a steep path to view another site. (It seemed like a 75-degree angle – much easier on the way up!) The roads to both these sites were indescribable even by standards here, but we were back safely by noon ready for the next round of activities.
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