Nov. 9 Follow Up Letter to Villagers

Greetings from Kumbo! We are writing to say CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for the enthusiastic participation in the 10th anniversary celebration of November 9th. There are still echoes in the air of “WATER IS LIFE” and “WE ARE TOGETHER WE ARE ONE.” The commitment to “EDUCATION for SUSTAINABILITY” was evident in the speeches, the many prizes and certificates awarded as well as the songs and dances that celebrated the milestone of ten years of partnership between the OK Committee in Ottawa and the village Water Management Committees.

In keeping with the OK practice of accountability and transparency, the following provides an account of the day.

Thirty villages participated in and contributed to the celebration on November 9th.

A total of 250,000cfa was contributed for the food for the occasion.

The total spent for food including the drinks and special cake amounted to 357,500 cfa.

Money contributed from local businesses for the prizes totaled 90,000 cfa.

The total contributions for “NTOM FO’ AMO-OH” to date amounts to 713,215 cfa. Congratulations!

The cost of the rent of the hall plus staff was 30,000 cfa.

Other expenses included: public relations – radio & journalists, decorations, video-taping, and printing.

As announced at the celebration an ADVISORY COMMITTEE has been organized with a representative from each of the main four subdivisions were there are OK village partners and an Associate partner. The first meeting will be held in mid-December.

And YES, the teaching charts are available for use in your village. Please contact us giving THREE choices of dates. The choices will help us organize a schedule so the charts will be available to those who wish to use them in the months ahead.

Finally, as we are coming to the close of another calendar year, we are enclosing a copy of the ANNUAL CHECKLIST. Your answers to the questions will help us (1) prepare for the water management training sessions for 2014, and (2) identify the villages that can share their successful water management practices with others. PLEASE return the checklist NO LATER than JANUARY 15, 2014. If you need help completing the checklist, please let us know.

Let us give thanks for the accomplishments of 2013 and look forward to moving from strength to strength in 2014. We hope the partnership will continue to demonstrate the advantages of working together.



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