Recommended Sites
  Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop, was a leading advocate of responsible corporate citizenship. She was personally and corporately involved in many global justice issues - funding many from profits from her business. Her book "Take it Personally" is in a readable and entertaining format showing how globalization affects each of us and suggests ways of challenging it - a good primer for getting up to speed on the global justice movement.
Earth Child Institute
  Earth Child creates "curriculum kits" for schools that link physical science and global citizenry. All lessons and activities promote interpersonal understanding, communication, interaction and the principles of the Earth Charter.
Read Jackie Rohr's
  online journal of her 6 month's working visit to Kumbo where she spent some of her time working on the water project. Her details of life in Kumbo are insightful, informative and entertaining. She has posted many wonderful pictures of the water project in action.
Resurgence Magazine
  Resurgence magazine and its editor Satish Kumar were the main organizers of the recently held Water of Life conference. This magazine is considered one of the leading environmental magazine. It is based in England although they are trying to encourage North American subscriptions. The July/August 2003 issue has as its theme "A Time to Heal" and includes a number of water-related articles.
UNESCO Water Portal
  The Water Links Section of the UNESCO Water Portal provides a single interactive access point to water related websites around the world. A weekly newsletter provides information on new entries.
I am the eldest of seven children so in many ways I have to replace my father and take care of the family. My mother is a hard working farmer but counts a lot on me. Having running water in our compound is more than we can imagine.
– Flora and Isidore